Lumbar Spinal Stenosis


  • Ever felt like the day begins okay, and then after just a few blocks, your feet just get tired and in pain, making you stop walking?
  • Do you feel that the only way to get relief is leaning forward against a desk or something to support you?
  • Do you feel that pushing the grocery cart actually relieves the pain?

You could be suffering from spinal stenosis.

A common condition compelled by many factors but, in essence, a narrowing of the spinal duct where the spinal cord and nerves travel along within the spinal vertebrae. This channel gets narrowed even more when we extend the back, and it opens up when we bend forward, giving you some relief from the compression.


  • Epidural Injections:
    These are the series of injections done under x-ray guidance at the level where the pain in
    coming from with the purpose of lowering the inflammatory process as well and the nerve
    excitatory mechanism giving you relief from the shooting pain you are suffering at this
  • MILD ® Procedure:
    Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression or MILD ® Procedure is a new simple outpatient
    procedure with a minimally invasive approach to reduce pain and improve mobility in lumbar
    spinal stenosis (LSS) patients. Thousands of patients have been treated by mild, enabled
    by innovative new technology, and can only be performed by specially trained physicians. If
    you suffer from the pain and physically limiting effects of LSS, there has never been a better time
    to get help. For more information, visit