Have you been pregnant?
Have you had vaginal delivery?
Or are you a runner? Or have you
gained or lost weight recently?
Do you have a history of scoliosis “S” spine?
Are you a weight lifter?

Sacroiliitis or Sacro-Iliac Joint disease (SIJ Disease) is a commonly underdiagnosed disease of the spine. Usually creates an aching pain in both sides of the significantly lower spine, but typically one side more than the other. Usually, you “pinpoint” where the pain is with one finger, right on top of the SIJ. The type of pain is described more as discomfort that will not subside with any position, and you’ll move over and over while sitting down, laying in bed, or standing, trying to find a position that gives you rest to this discomfort.


  • Sacroiliac:
    These joints are very accessible and easy to block. Most of the time, the block is more for diagnostic purposes – giving you relief. If temporary, it can be denervated with Radiofrequency Ablation of the Medical Branch Nerves that innervate the joint. Creating a longer-lasting relief of that aching back pain you have suffered for so long.