Atypical Facial pain and/or Trigeminal Neuralgia


Have you been suffering from facial pain that is unbearable by now?
You could be suffering from the complex and debilitating disorder of trigeminal neuralgia. This disorder is characterized by episodes of intense facial pain that last from a few seconds to several minutes or hours. The description of the pain is a trigger area on the face so sensitive to touch that even airflow can
trigger an episode. However, in many patients, the pain is generated spontaneously without any
apparent stimulation. At FLPM, we understand this syndrome affects your lifestyle drastically, as
it can be triggered by the most common activities like eating, talking, shaving, and brushing your teeth.


  • Trigeminal Nerve Blocks and/or Radiofrequency Ablation:
    These blocks can be done at the level of the periphery or at the ganglions under fluoroscopic
    guidance. By doing a series of blocks, both for diagnostic and treatment purposes, eventually they
    can be denervated by radiofrequency ablation, creating a longer-lasting relief of that aching,
    lancinating facial pain you have suffered for so long.